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Van Gogh

álbum de Vincent van Gogh - Mia Feigelson's FB Gallery.
"The sower" (November, 1888) [F 451]
Painting of the Exhibition "VAN GOGH UP CLOSE" - 2012
© National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
© Philadelphia Musuem of Art , Pennsylvania, US
"The sower" (November, 1888) [F 451]
By Vincent van Gogh, from Zundert, Netherlands (1853 - 1890)
- oil on canvas; 32 x 40 cm -
Place of creation: Arles
© Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
(Vincent van Gogh Stichting)
"Van Gogh made a number of variations on a theme depicting a sower in front of a setting sun. Especially striking in this version are the bright, unnatural colours and the unusual composition, in which the knotty tree in the foreground constitutes a diagonal division of the canvas. His inspiration for this may have come from a Japanese print."

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